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These finding legal advice tips will amaze you

These finding legal advice tips will amaze you

Lots of people are looking for legal advice but no-one wants to deal with a lawyer to get it. Amirite?

Private Parking fines: Should I pay or fight?

Private Parking fines: Should I pay or fight?

My client was a bit surprised to get this parking fine “Notice” from APCOA in the post.

Freedom of Speech & Celtic FC Palestine Placards

These #Celtic soccer fans broke the rules to show their love for Palestine. — AJ+ (@ajplus) August 18, 2016 Yes, football fans do have an ECHR right to Freedom of Expression, but fans should bear in mind two things:

Poor (wo)man’s lawyer Meets 21st Century pro bono

Poor (wo)man’s lawyer Meets 21st Century pro bono

One of the best decisions I ever made was to start volunteering at the Toynbee Hall. I liked its “Poor Man’s Lawyer” roots, the buzz of the Wednesday evening first come, first served, advice free-for-all – and how Jack Profumo found his redemption there. I remember dropping in to the Wednesday evening general advice session… { Read More }

Renters, Private Landlords & Housing Discrimination

Housing Discrimination tweet

It’s been a while since this screen-shot (click to enlarge) prompted a Twitter bust-up (as reported on over at the Duchess of Hackney’s blog). But I thought I’d use this little exchange as an illustration of how people who are trying to do the right thing can still get it desperately wrong. Are estate agents… { Read More }

Ministers, Local Authority Officers & Bias

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 | in DIY Law, Non-legal help, Public law

You may not be making a multi-million pound bid for a licence to operate your business, but you are entitled to have Government officials exercise their discretion and decision-making in an open and fair manner. So how would you challenge a decision by a Minister, local authority officer or some other Public body that directly… { Read More }

Lawyers & Other Charlatans

Friends, this is a funny old jurisdiction. Anybody can call themselves a “lawyer”. You don’t have to have one day’s worth of legal training to be a “lawyer”,  “will-writer” or “professional McKenzie Friend” – and yet these people are happy to take your money to give legal advice and do the talking for you in… { Read More }

Forced Marriage

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 | in DIY Law, Non-legal help, Women & the Law

One of the saddest things to see is a school-kid feel powerless to change what is happening to her. People who live here in Hackney or in our neighbouring borough, Tower Hamlets, don’t know the half of what’s going on. I’d rather believe that than to think my neighbours are cultural relativists who think abuse… { Read More }