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2015-11-27_00003[1]I help professionals successfully defend themselves against Criminal and Motoring prosecutions.

I’m a Direct Access Barrister and represent clients throughout England & Wales. I specialise in Criminal law, including Motoring cases. I also maintain a niche local government practice and assist councillors accused of breaching their Code of Conduct.

Unlike many defence lawyers, I frequently prosecute cases for the Crown Prosecution Service as external counsel. Because I have the advantage of knowing what it takes to present a successful prosecution, I know exactly what it takes to pick one apart.

I also have Standards Board for England experience, and I went on to successfully defend Councillor Ben Locker in the #Daphnegate complaint heard by Colchester Borough Council’s Governance Committee – which found there was no case for him to answer.

I lecture in law at the Open University – and I’ve been teaching Criminal and Public law to students on the OU’s LL.B. programme since 2003.

I am a navy veteran and and worked for the Commander in Chief, US Naval Forces Europe before becoming a Barrister. I bring expertise, loyalty and a strategic approach to every case – and I draw upon all of my experience to achieve fast and victorious results.

LL.B. (School of Oriental & African Studies)
LL.M. (London School of Economics)

Gray’s Inn (Call: 2007)
South Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association

What others say about me

“Kristin put together a watertight case which demonstrated on multiple fronts that there was no case to answer”.

– Cllr B Locker, Colchester Borough Council

“I was telling my family what the best possible outcome would be – and this is it. Thank you”.

– Mr T. T. Sales executive

“Kristin was great today and got the case thrown out. Kristin is a very hard working Barrister. She put in a ton of work in getting the case together including two 40 minute phone calls over two evenings”.

– The father of a young person accused of speeding by the police

“Kristin was extremely helpful and had spot-on clear answers which resolved my case. Excellent work and I recommend her highly”.

– Ms M Sedova, London

“Ms Heimark is thorough, knowledgeable, and talented. The Bar needs more lawyers like her”.

– Ms S Tirgary, Attorney at Law, New York