Why most self-represented defendants lose their cases in court: 5 things you should know

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Here’s what most people caught up in the criminal justice system don’t realise until it’s too late:

People who work with a direct access barrister before their trial starts are much more likely to get the best result possible.

They also avoid making common (and costly) mistakes which lead to unnecessary convictions and harsh sentences – as well as wasted time, energy and money.

I’m Kristin Heimark. As a direct access qualified barrister, I use a time-tested framework to ensure your case is done right, so you can get your life back on track much faster.

I represent people accused of all types of Magistrates Court matters. By using the right procedures and techniques, I help my clients achieve the best results possible.

While you can pay sky-high solicitors’ fees or try to navigate the system yourself – there is another way.

If you’re ready to cut out the middle-man and move forward, we should talk.


“Kristin was great today and got the case thrown out. Kristin is a very hard working Barrister. She put in a ton of work in getting the case together.”

Mr. J. Cockett

Kristin Heimark

What’s the real cost?

I understand that there is a lot at stake – your licence, your reputation – your job.

Choosing to represent yourself, or choosing the wrong lawyer, could cost you more than you think.

You deserve to have a qualified barrister on your side when facing a criminal or motoring charge.

I’m a direct access qualified criminal and motoring law barrister – and I can give your case the expertise and attention it deserves to help you get your life back.

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“Kristin put together a watertight case which demonstrated on multiple fronts that there was no case to answer. Throughout the process she was fearless, incisive and a truly inspiring guiding light.”

Cllr B Locker, Colchester Borough Council

Sometimes bad things can happen to good people – don’t let it define the rest of your life.

I understand the worry and stress that accusations can cause. Criminal and motoring charges often happen when you least expect them.

Sometimes things just go wrong. After all, you don’t plan to have a car accident. What if you get accused of something at work, or if an argument gets out of hand? Perhaps you used violence to defend yourself and are accused of going over the top.

I know that these things can just happen. Let me give you the defence your deserve.


Kristin Heimark