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2015-11-27_00003[1]I’m a Direct Access Barrister and I defend people facing Criminal and Motoring charges.

Despite 80+% magistrates court conviction rates, many people charged with crimes, motoring offences and regulatory breaches try to defend themselves.

By not understanding how the Criminal Justice system really works, many self-represented defendants throw their time, energy and money down the drain ineffectively preparing and presenting their own cases, and end up with:

• Guilty verdicts, when they could have been completely exonerated
• Harsh sentences, when they could have received credit and presented effective mitigation
• Spoiled futures, when they should be getting their lives back

I am a Criminal, Motoring & Regulatory law Barrister and use a proven framework to redress the balance and guide you around the pitfalls to your best defence and peace of mind.

By following an easy three-step plan, you’ll leverage the power of your case, get results, save money and reclaim your life with:

• Clear advice
• An optimised strategy
• Fixed fees


Step One – Schedule a call
Step two – You and I optimise a strategy
Step three – We achieve the best result

It’s never too soon for us to talk. Contact me to schedule a call.

LL.B. (School of Oriental & African Studies)
LL.M. (London School of Economics)

Gray’s Inn (Call: 2007)
South Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association

What others say about me

“Kristin put together a watertight case which demonstrated on multiple fronts that there was no case to answer. Throughout the process she was fearless, incisive and a truly inspiring guiding light”.

– Cllr B Locker, Colchester Borough Council

“Kristin was great today and got the case thrown out. Kristin is a very hard working Barrister. She put in a ton of work in getting the case together”.

– Mr J Cockett

“Kristin was recommended to me and provided exceptional support during a motoring offence case. A calm manner, attention to detail and a real awareness of the human side of things as opposed to just focusing on the technicalities helped to secure a positive outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others”.

– Mr G Hill