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Make your legal problem go away. Fast.

When you find yourself in legal trouble, it consumes your life. You want it sorted as quickly as possible.

I want the same thing. I work to fixed prices only, so I don’t drag things out. And I’m a direct access barrister, so you don’t have to see a solicitor first.

Expert legal knowledge. Use the law to your advantage.

Qualified barrister. No paralegals or solicitors.

Fearless defence. No holds barred.

Fixed price only. No long and drawn-out cases.

Kristin Heimark

Stoke Newington is the ancestral home of dissenters, pamphleteers and non-conformists – and Stoke Newington Chambers is my legal practice and professional home.

I specialise in defending individuals against authority – whether that’s the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the council, your professional body or even your football club. I make justice affordable by bringing the quality of the Bar direct to people who want to purchase legal services at fixed prices.

Why instruct a private client direct access barrister?
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