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The presumption of innocence is supposed to be one of the hallmarks of the English justice system.

Yet I see men and women wrongly accused of criminal behaviour all the time – and their lives are turned upside down.

Sometimes, it is a former partner who’s trying to get an advantage in Family Court proceedings. Other times, it is someone with a grudge – real or imagined.

You might think, because of the presumption of innocence, you can reason with the police and get the case dropped. Of course they’ll see this is all a big set up or misunderstanding.

The problem is that they don’t. They will pursue you and say, ‘Let the court decide’.

It’s all very well for them, letting the court decide – but you are the one with everything to lose. Your job, your home, your family, and your money.

Courts do not ‘find the truth’ about what happened

The magistrates and judges only decide whether the case was proved. Does ‘the truth’ come into it?

Not always.

Today, the BBC published Brian Buckle’s story. He truly is innocent of the egregious crimes he was convicted of. Elaine, Brian’s wife, fought back against the system. Listen to what she says:

“You’re guilty until you can prove you’re innocent, and it’s you who has to do the work”.

Are you facing Criminal charges?

Hopefully, you understand that while you are wondering what to do next, the Crown Prosecution Service and police are busy preparing their case against you.

Some people think they can handle charges and the Criminal procedures by themselves – and it is only when they’ve lost their case that they realise they’ve been out gunned and out manoeuvred.

Get legal advice. Not legal advice from your friend Dave, your Dad or your conveyancing lawyer. Find an expert Criminal lawyer to guide you through the process and fight your corner – every step of the way.