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Speeding Success: the 75 in a 40 hopeless case

Speeding Success: the 75 in a 40 hopeless case

Speeding down the North Cray Road, and having clocked somebody driving 75 mph in a 40 zone, the traffic officer was sure this one would stick. But I found a technical defence and my client walked away from the Bexley Magistrates Court with his clean licence intact. His father said: “Kristin was great today and… { Read More }

These finding legal advice tips will amaze you

These finding legal advice tips will amaze you

Lots of people are looking for legal advice but no-one wants to deal with a lawyer to get it. Amirite?

Private Parking fines: Should I pay or fight?

Private Parking fines: Should I pay or fight?

My client was a bit surprised to get this parking fine “Notice” from APCOA in the post.

Life in the fast lane: a speeding success

Speeding success

Speeding in his Audi took my client from 70 mph to facing a driving disqualification in no time flat. He didn’t know about the controversial Hadecs 3 speed cameras at Clacket Lane, and was clocked at 103 mph. As the police did comply with procedure, and as my client accepted he was driving that fast,… { Read More }

I can’t remember who was driving and s172

I can't remember who was driving and s172

s172s need to be taken seriously. Here’s how I know: Every once in a while, I prosecute road traffic matters for the CPS. The majority of the prosecutions on a typical Magistrates Court Traffic list are s172 Road Traffic Act matters (failure to give information as to the identity of the driver). Most drivers tell… { Read More }

How to instruct a Direct Access Barrister

I’ve been a Direct Access Barrister since 2012 and, before that, I was a practising Solicitor. This experience has helped me develop an effective three-step way of working which saves time and money – and ensures my clients get the best possible result.

I don’t shoot from the hip

I don't shoot from the hip

I got an enquiry from a man the other day. His adult son attended a voluntary interview at the police station, refused a solicitor and awaits hearing whether he’ll be charged or not.

No, your Registered Keeper details are not automatically updated when you change your Driving Licence address

Posted on: October 16th, 2015 | in Motoring Law, Private client criminal defence, Road Traffic law

Have a driving licence and a car – and changing your address? s99 of the Road Traffic Act, 1988 requires all licence holders to notify the DVLA of a change of address. It is a separate offence under s43C of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act, 1994 to use an incorrectly registered vehicle. Just because… { Read More }