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Why putting off paying a barrister can cost you more than you think.

Why shouldn’t you wait to book your trial barrister?

Because what your barrister does behind the scenes before your trial date is just as important as what they do at your trial.

If you know your trial date, why haven’t you booked your barrister of choice yet?

A common mistake people make is failing to lock in their trial representation months before their trial date.

They assume that their preferred barrister will still be available to cover their trial date a few months from now.

And, they justify putting off properly investing in their case by disastrously assuming that barristers simply rock up to court on the day – and that’s it.

They have no idea about the amount of work needed to prepare their case. They have no idea about the before trial legal and procedural tactics that a barrister can unlock and use to their advantage. They have no idea how few Criminal barristers there are – or how good Criminal barristers are rarer than hen’s teeth.

By waiting until the last minute to book your barrister, you are depriving yourself of the possibility of:

1. Your barrister combing through any CCTV / Police Body Worn Video for clues about the quality of the case against you – or whether there is other, undisclosed evidence held by the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service or even the Local Authority etc;

2. Your barrister drafting a timely Defence Case Statement on your behalf and holding the Crown Prosecution Service to account for Disclosure;

3. Your barrister making timely representations to the Crown Prosecution Service to drop the case; and

4. Getting the most work done for the cheapest price.

Imagine going through the stress of a trial (and possibly being found Guilty) and then finding out that your barrister could have made the Crown Prosecution Service drop the case before you even stepped foot into court.

The cases that get dismissed tend to be one where a barrister has had the chance to spend time to find a problem with with the evidence or with the way in which the police dealt with the evidence – and where the barrister has the time to make effective representations.

Did you know some barristers charge a premium for last minute instructions?

Many people don’t realise that waiting will cost them more than they think. If the above missed opportunities are not enough, consider this:

If a barrister has to clear the decks and work all hours to prepare your last minute case, don’t be surprised if that gets factored into your quote as a reason to charge your more – not less.

My simple tip

Don’t cut corners. Find your barrister as soon as you receive notification of your trial date from the court. Lock in your barrister’s availability for your trial date and invest in your case and your outcome asap for the best possible result.