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HMOs, Leaseholders & Estate Agents at Magistrates Courts

I’ve been busy advising landlords on HMO liability over the past month. Some were looking for “quick” advice. While I am known for turning round work fast – “quick” is another matter. “Quick” implies, “off the top of your head, what’s the answer?” Whether a person has HMO liability will depend on the facts of… { Read More }

Acting as guarantor for a tenant: is it enforceable?

Posted on: May 16th, 2017 | in DIY Law, Landlord & Tenant, Tenants' Rights

 Guarantor for a friend’s tenancy rent and now it’s all gone wrong? Is the landlord coming after you because they say the friend you “indemnified”  and “guaranteed” is in arrears – and you’re friend’s disputing the amount, skint, no-where to be found, etc. If you didn’t get legal advice before signing a rent guarantee, now’s… { Read More }

The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act: “Where’s my stuff?”

The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act: "Where's my stuff?"

The day my client was evicted from her flat, she was recovering from emergency cancer surgery at her friend’s home. And unlike the people in this photograph, she never saw her personal belongings again.

Poor (wo)man’s lawyer Meets 21st Century pro bono

Poor (wo)man’s lawyer Meets 21st Century pro bono

One of the best decisions I ever made was to start volunteering at the Toynbee Hall. I liked its “Poor Man’s Lawyer” roots, the buzz of the Wednesday evening first come, first served, advice free-for-all – and how Jack Profumo found his redemption there. I remember dropping in to the Wednesday evening general advice session… { Read More }

Tenants’ Rights: Get Advice & Stop Problems Before They Start

Posted on: September 24th, 2014 | in Advocacy, DIY Law, Landlord & Tenant, Tenants' Rights

Want to know a trade secret? The best way to avoid contract disputes is to have a clear contract. Tip number two is that tenancy agreements can be written to favour a landlord or a tenant. Tenancy agreements are contracts. Did you negotiate yours – or did you just sign whatever the landlord or letting… { Read More }

Tenants’ Rights: Get Advice (2)

As an update to Tenants’ Rights: Get Advice, if you are having problems with your landlord and want to try to solve your dispute without a lawyer, you might find the following Legal Action Group books helpful: Repairs Tenants’ Rights by Jan Luba QC, Deirdre Forster & Beatrice Prevatt Quiet Enjoyment (Arden & Partington) Defending… { Read More }

Tenants’ Rights: Get Advice

When do you need to bring a lawyer in to fight your corner? Tenants generally don’t come to a direct access barrister for advice until the day before they are due to see their landlord in court. Many people think that as their tenancy agreement is written in English, and as they are highly educated… { Read More }