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Yes, football fans do have an ECHR right to Freedom of Expression, but fans should bear in mind two things:

1. That freedom is a qualified right – this isn’t America; and crucially
2. Celtic FC is not the Government. Your Article 10 ECHR right is aimed at Government interference with freedom of expression, not a private company’s.

While I’m no expert on Scottish criminal law, I can see from Celtic FC’s terms and conditions, under, Standards of Conduct, that, the promotion or endorsement of any political organisation is not permitted in the stadium or on Club property.

Given that the match was against Hapoel Be’er Sheva, and is likely to incur a UEFA fine, it would not surprise me if Celtic management take action against these flag wavers.

I admire men of principle. But be aware that your principles may cost you a future welcome through the gates of your club.

Dealing with a possible sanction is probably best met with an acknowledgement of “their club, their rules”, rather than a shouty letter telling Celtic all about your “rights”.