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People in trouble always ask, “should I talk to the police?”. The answer to my readers is, “it depends” – and that’s why you need to W.A.I.T.

W.A.I.T. is something all of us should remember.

It’s shorthand for, “Why am I talking?

Am I talking because I think I can talk the police out of arresting me?

Is there any amount of talking at the roadside that’s going to talk the police out of arresting you or your loved one?

Or maybe it is important to say something.

Most people don’t ask themselves W.A.I.T.

Most people bury themselves. They talk way to much, giving police a treasure trove of ammunition to use against them.

Others don’t say enough.

This is why you need to consider W.A.I.T. and think hard about why you are talking.

If you still don’t know if you should be talking, get advice.

Find a police station accredited solicitor who will help you understand “Why am I talking”.