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guarantor Guarantor for a friend’s tenancy rent and now it’s all gone wrong? Is the landlord coming after you because they say the friend you “indemnified”  and “guaranteed” is in arrears – and you’re friend’s disputing the amount, skint, no-where to be found, etc.

If you didn’t get legal advice before signing a rent guarantee, now’s a great time to do so.

Yesterday, I advised a man in these circumstances – and it took all of five minutes for me to ascertain that the rent guarantee in his case is not enforceable.

The man I helped yesterday is intelligent and can read English to a high standard. His only issue is that (up until his appointment with me) he didn’t understand the law.

It made perfect sense for him to come to a direct access landlord & tenant expert – and I was pleased to give him clarity and a steer.

His post-advice email to me reads:

“Thanks for your advice yesterday [that] the guarantee is meaningless.

Again, in absence of flowers, choccies etc, many thanks”.