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How to instruct a Direct Access Barrister

I’ve been a Direct Access Barrister since 2012 and, before that, I was a practising Solicitor. This experience has helped me develop an effective three-step way of working which saves time and money – and ensures my clients get the best possible result.

Dr Clifford Mann: Apparatchiks & why it’s important to leave the law to the legal professionals

Posted on: December 28th, 2014 | in Criminal law, DIY Law, Get qualified, Public law
Dr Clifford Mann: Apparatchiks & why it’s important to leave the law to the legal professionals

SEP (Somebody else’s problem) Alert: Dr Clifford Mann, President of the College of Emergency Medicine, has devised a novel approach to relieving pressure on A & E medical staff by blaming police for drunk people at A&E. The BBC reports Dr Mann saying: Police should crack down on binge drinking to stop hospital staff being distracted… { Read More }

Drink Drive at the Highbury Magistrates Court

Christmas drink drive drama? Highbury Magistrates Court will re-open for business on Boxing Day to deal with the Christmas fall-out. All first appearances before the Judge or Magistrates are held in the Remand Court. One of the Highbury court rooms will be a dedicated Remand Court – and this is where charges are read, pleas are… { Read More }

Criminal Law Recognition Of Stalking As Gender Based Violence: At Last

Posted on: February 9th, 2012 | in Criminal law, Women & the Law

When a friend of mine was being stalked in the late 90s, we were all in a bit of denial. Only when it finally dawned on us that the post-breakup “bump intos”, pebbles thrown against her window and countless letters and flowers had escalated to screaming threats to kill himself and 24/7 surveillance – including… { Read More }

The No Intent Crimes of Strict Liability and Paul Clarke

Posted on: December 12th, 2009 | in Criminal law

As explained in my previous post on answering problem questions, there are generally two elements to be proved in order to convict someone for the commission of a crime – the actus reus and mens rea. Criminal liability generally attaches where the Defendant has the intent to do an illegal act (mens rea) at the… { Read More }