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Contract disputes and saving driving licences

I’ve been resolving contract disputes lately – and during the last few weeks, I’ve been dealing with: Whether a “life-time membership” is enforceable against a purchaser of a private gym; The enforceability of  an agreement between non-married parents to send their child to a private school; and I’ve also been assisting a local government councillor… { Read More }

Legal Aid & the Myth of Doing More with Less

Legal Aid & the Myth of Doing More with Less

Oh look! The Daily Mail have just run another hit piece on the legal profession.

How to instruct a Direct Access Barrister

I’ve been a Direct Access Barrister since 2012 and, before that, I was a practising Solicitor. This experience has helped me develop an effective three-step way of working which saves time and money – and ensures my clients get the best possible result.

Drink Drive at the Highbury Magistrates Court

Christmas drink drive drama? Highbury Magistrates Court will re-open for business on Boxing Day to deal with the Christmas fall-out. All first appearances before the Judge or Magistrates are held in the Remand Court. One of the Highbury court rooms will be a dedicated Remand Court – and this is where charges are read, pleas are… { Read More }

Without due care and attention: Lawyers & Magistrates

You’ve never had a car accident before, never been arrested and never even seen a trial – much less be the subject of it. Yet you have to explain your driving decision-making and judgement to Magistrates – and be cross-examined by a Prosecutor. I prosecute as well as defend Road Traffic cases– and where licences… { Read More }

This isn’t my first time

First time Litigants in Person tend to underestimate the time and emotional energy involved in court proceedings. That’s why they say in one breath, “Hopefully, they’ll just pay. I don’t have time for this BS” and in another, “We’re going to court”. Consider that this may not be your opponent’s first time – particularly if you… { Read More }

QASA and Quality Advocacy (QAA Part Deux)

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 | in Advocacy, Get qualified
QASA and Quality Advocacy (QAA Part Deux)

It’s been a year since that SAHCA conference. Believe me. If you were there, you won’t have forgotten it. On the one hand, we had Government repeating its quality mantra, saying that the public must be protected from rogue (solicitor) advocates – and on the other, Professor Philip Plowden and a chorus of solicitor-advocates banged… { Read More }

Saudi Lady Advocates

Posted on: February 21st, 2010 | in Miscellany

Breaking news from Al Jazeera: Saudi Arabia could soon allow women lawyers to appear in court to argue cases for the first time. I was excited – and then slightly underwhelmed to read, as the article goes on to note: “The female lawyers would be able to represent women in marriage, divorce, custody and other family cases”…. { Read More }