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Tempted to pull strings or get someone else to take the blame? Isn’t it easier to pay a lawyer?

If only the officer would have contacted a motoring lawyer, she would have kept her job and avoided prison.

(Former) detective Clare Brown was in the passenger seat when her partner was stopped by a PCSO for speeding.

Instead of challenging the PSCO’s speeding allegation in court, DC Brown thought she’d take matters into her own hands. She asked the PCSO if her job “would help”. She then asked another officer to, “lose that bloody report”.

Imagine being in that DC’s shoes – risking her neck, trying to pull strings – only to get reported, sent to prison, and the dismissed from her job.

Now imagine what could have happened had the DC instructed a direct access motoring barrister. For a fixed fee, the PCSO’s version and speeding findings could have been challenged in court – and/or representations could have been made to the CPS to drop the case, due to a lack of any credible evidence, before the court date.

In the event that the DC’s partner was found guilty after a speeding trial, a direct access barrister possibly could have mitigated the sentence so the partner could keep their licence.

My simple tip

Do not call in favours to make a speeding ticket “go away”. If the potential points mean that much to you, hire a specialist lawyer to see if the police evidence can be challenged – legally.