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Speeding in his Audi took my client from 70 mph to facing a driving disqualification in no time flat.

He didn’t know about the controversial Hadecs 3 speed cameras at Clacket Lane, and was clocked at 103 mph.

As the police did comply with procedure, and as my client accepted he was driving that fast, my direct access brief was to save his licence.

Spoiler alert!

I did.

What he was up against.

My client received the Summons and the Guilty Plea by Post paperwork, and initially got in contact with me to prepare a letter of mitigation. I gave him a quote, which he agreed, and I spent time getting to know more about him and his circumstances.

The Sentencing Guidelines

103 mph in a 70 zone is in the highest category in the Sentencing Guidelines – which say that the Magistrates, “must endorse and may disqualify“.  The guideline range here is 7 to 56 days’ ban or 6 points.

It sounded simple – but my client said he couldn’t have done it himself.

My client sat next to me in court, the charge was “put” to him (that he was speeding on the M25 near Clacket Lane) and he pleaded Guilty. After the Crown Prosecution Service lawyer read out the facts (the time, date and speed), I stood up and told the court all the reasons why, in this instance, my client should keep his licence.

The magistrates decided not to ban – and instead gave my client 6 points.

As were leaving the building, my client told me,

“I was telling my family what the best possible outcome would be – and this is it. Thank you”.