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What doing? Is it really a good idea to get a White Collar Crime, Property or Family law solicitor to handle your Magistrates Court trial?

Should you hire a White Collar Crime, Property or Family law solicitor to handle your Magistrates Court trial?

When you’re in police trouble, you want the best legal representation money can buy.

It’s natural to turn to a solicitor’s firm you already know – especially if they are a highly regarded City or West End firm.

You may think they’ve done a great job for you by resolving your Family or Property dispute – and since they also do White Collar Crime, that they’re going to be the Rolls Royce solution to your Magistrates Court spot of bother.

“White Collar Crime” means, “non-violent crime, usually involving cheating or dishonesty in commercial matters”. It doesn’t mean, “middle-class businessmen accused of punch ups, Motoring offences, damaging other people’s property or non-commercial Theft or Fraud”.

But if you’ve been arrested and have seen a police station duty solicitor who gave advice you weren’t impressed with, it makes sense to go to a criminal law practitioner who knows what they’re doing.

Getting criminal law advice on the Assault allegation your ex has made to the police from your Family lawyer who also does a bit of White Collar Crime could be a big mistake for two reasons:

  1. Commercial Criminal and Family law is completely different to Criminal Assault law; and
  2. Maybe your go-to Family lawyer won’t be as objective as s/he needs to be when dealing with your Criminal case.

Here’s the problem: How will your non Magistrates Court Criminal lawyer help you avoid the common mistakes people make if they don’t know the law – or if they’re engaging in some wishful thinking on how the law will apply to the facts of your case?

Does your lawyer know it is always better to plead guilty then to be found guilty after the trial?

How will you know if you should plead guilty or not?

Imagine listening to the Magistrates pronounce a Guilty Verdict at the end of your trial – and realising that the defence you thought was going to save you was fundamentally flawed from the start.

And because you and your lawyer have been barking up the wrong tree, not only are you going to get a harsher sentence – you’re going to get stung for the prosecution’s costs (as well as all of your own wasted legal fees).

What if my White Collar Criminal / Family / Property lawyer hires a barrister?

The point that these lawyers are missing is that clients (aka YOU) need a barrister who can shine a light on the right path now, not two minutes before the trial starts – because every day you’re in the dark is costing you money.

Why would you pay a solicitor thousands for the privilege of being told by a barrister on the day of your trial that your case doesn’t have a hope?

If you are not guilty, a direct access Criminal law barrister and take steps to protect you – and to potentially have your case thrown out before you step foot in court.

If you are guilty, a direct access Criminal law barrister can help you navigate the system so you get the best possible result without pouring money down the drain and risking your liberty on hopeless legal arguments.

My simple tip

High priced dabbling lawyers are still dabbling lawyers. Look for a lawyer with experience in your specific area of law to guide you down the right path, past the common pitfalls, to the best possible result.