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Watch out for the sharks.

Welcome to Day 6 of this six-day series on the simple things people can do to stay out of the magistrates court.

In this series, I’ve shown you some of the everyday mistakes people are making which are costing them money, points on their licence, and/or unnecessary criminal convictions.

Today, I’m talking about private client Motoring lawyers.

There are some very reputable motoring law solicitors. Unfortunately, many Motoring lawyers seem to specialise only in tapping their clients for cash.

Big cash. Like thousands and thousands by the time all is said and done.

You will be told you have a great case during a free consultation. This is astounding as no reputable lawyer can assess your chances of success unless and until they see the police documents/evidence against you.

The trouble is, you won’t realise until the day of your trial that your case isn’t that great after all. That’s because your motoring lawyer is going to make your trial barrister be the bearer of bad tidings.

What is the real cost of choosing the wrong motoring lawyer?

The motoring lawyer sharks all seem to have the same modus operandi. Rather than charging an upfront all-inclusive fixed fee, these guys will charge you by the hearing – and if you need a number of unexpected hearings, they will charge you a pretty penny for each one – and if you don’t pay, they’ll drop you like a hot potato.

The most egregious move these sharks make is charging you more to change your plea

They will tell you you have a great case because they want you to spend big cash on a magistrates court trial.

And because they are so desperate for you to pay for a trial, they will charge you extra if you change your plea on the day of your trial. Even if your barrister is telling you that your case is hopeless. 

Yes. You read that right.

If you needed evidence that these motoring lawyers are not acting in your best interests, this is it.

I’m sick and tired of seeing people being ripped off – and this is the reason why I am offering my motoring law barrister services via this website.

What these motoring lawyers aren’t telling you is that there may be a way for you to get the best result possible – and not have to step one foot into court to get it.

You may have a wonderful case – and it may be smart for you to have a trial. On the other hand, your case may not be so wonderful, but there may be a smarter way to play your hand – rather than being shot down in flames at a trial.

Wouldn’t you rather get straight advice and be guided to the best possible result – without paying through the nose for the privilege?

My simple tip

The only way your motoring lawyer will know how good your case is by reading the police evidence against you. Unless and until your lawyer has seen the police documentation, they could just be blowing smoke to sign you up.