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Despicable you: Landlords, stop threatening fraud victims with s144 LASPO

A young family signed a tenancy agreement, paid a deposit and the first month’s rent – all into a letting agent’s bank account. A month or so later, a representative of the landlord stopped by the flat and was surprised to see the family living there. The family were stunned to discover they’d been duped… { Read More }

Written Constitutions & Post Office Privatisation

Posted on: April 23rd, 2012 | in Miscellany, Public law, Supreme Court of the United States

Carl Gardner recently blogged about “Written constitutions, a warning from America” and noted his bemusement that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could be “struck down” by the Judicial Branch as being “unconstitutional” – particularly when Barack Obama had made health care reform a fundamental plank of his election manifesto. My response to Carl… { Read More }

Geeklawyer, Article 8 & The Bar Standards Board: What The BSB Can Learn From Ken Livingstone

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 | in Miscellany, Public law

In case you haven’t read it, Charon QC kicked off an interesting discussion about the Bar Standards Board’s censure of David Harris for some things he published as @geeklawyer by way of his protected Twitter account. The BSB called it, “engaging in conduct which was likely to diminish public confidence in the legal profession, administration… { Read More }