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All the wrong reasons for accepting a simple police caution

Most people at the police station want to get the experience over with as soon as possible. They turn down the free legal advice and accept simple police cautions because they’re scared of being charged with a crime.

Some people think that a simple caution is just a formal warning that will put whatever’s happened behind them. In their rush to get out of the police station, some don’t truly understand that they’ve just signed an acceptance of guilt that’s going to appear on their (new) criminal record – which could be used against them in any future criminal proceedings and could be revealed in criminal records checks.

Are you sure the police can actually prove you’re guilty?

Imagine how it would feel to find out that you shouldn’t have signed that “simple” caution.

Imagine finding out that the police never had the evidence to justify a charge or a prosecution?

Imagine discovering that the police got the law wrong – and you went along with it because you didn’t know any better?

One of the biggest tips I can give anyone is to get advice before you sign anything.

It may be that signing a simple caution is the best thing to do in your circumstances – but you will never know for sure unless you get advice.

I’ve helped clients challenge simple cautions – and it is always easier and more cost effective to get advice BEFORE signing rather than after.