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I represented a family who were all charged with Assault / Obstruct PC. After engaging in deep legal research and repeated viewing of the police officers’ body worn camera footage – as well as CCTV from the local council, I was able to effectively cross-examine the officers – taking each of their versions apart, brick by brick.

By the end of the police officers’ evidence, the District Judge invited the CPS to reconsider their position (i.e., take instructions and drop this case like the rotten hot potato it was).

The CPS came back and offered, “no further evidence”.

The District Judge said that the officers’ evidence was, “so unreliable” that she had no alternative but to find that my clients had no case to answer. My clients all walked free – with their reputations intact.

I worked with Traymans Solicitors on this job – and sent them a text right after the judge dismissed the case to let them know what happened. My solicitor immediately texted back:

I’ve heard! You were apparently PHENOMENAL!

While I can’t guarantee all my clients will get this result, I do know this: The only way to get the best result is through experience, meticulous preparation – and knowing how to press the police for Disclosure.