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You may have been looking for meaty legal analysis – and you’re getting someone to tell you to “open the envelope”.

The thing is, I’ve seen this a lot. People know they’re in rent arrears, are in trouble with their bank, or a company is breathing down their neck for charges they say are owed – and the letters are sitting in the hall unopened.

The insides of that envelope will make you angry, sad or scared – and ruin your day. It’s easier to pretend it’s not there.

The trouble with ignoring post is the other side will feel they have no choice but to ratchet up their case. They might get a county court judgment against you.  Maybe they already have one and they’re about ready to send the bailiffs around.

The first step in managing the situation is to open the envelope.

Sometimes, people will say they never got the letter – and they never got it because they never opened it – to stave off a judgment.

That can be high stakes poker.

It’s much easier to deal with legal problems before the other side gets a judgment.

The problem might not get solved today, but opening the envelope and reading what’s inside is the crucial first step in getting it sorted.