Stoke Newington Chambers


So You Need a Lawyer?

I’m able to accept instructions, at my discretion, direct from members of the public.

For some people, instructing a barrister direct, and getting legal advice without having to go through a solicitor the old-fashioned way, can save money and time.

To find out whether Direct Access to a barrister is for you – and whether I can help solve your legal problem, get in touch by filling out the enquiry form below.

No barrister/client relationship is created by you filling out the enquiry form below or by our discussing your enquiry.

That means I’m not your barrister until:

  • I’ve agreed to accept your case, subject to a written contract;
  • there is a written and signed contract for services (client care letter) between us; and
  • you’ve paid my fee.

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