Stoke Newington Chambers

How It Works

I am able to accept instructions, at my discretion, direct from members of the public.

Direct access clients generally instruct me to do some or all of the following:

Do the talking in Court

  • I am a trial advocate and appear for clients in the County and Magistrates’ Courts on an almost daily basis. I know what works – and what doesn’t.

Give a diagnostic consultation

  • This is an opportunity for clients to ask me questions about their case and to get initial advice.
  • Many people just need a barrister on their side to steer them in the right direction – and they go on to resolve their cases without spending any more money on legal fees.
  • If, after the diagnostic consultation, you decide there is further work to be done, and we’re both confident we can work together as an effective team, I will provide a quote for additional services.

Draft letters and Court documents

  • Letters, pleadings and witness statements can have a huge impact on a case – and opponents and the Court feel the authority of barrister drafted documents.
  • This service is an ideal solution for clients who want to put their strongest case forward in the most effective manner possible – while keeping their costs down by purchasing piece-work on an as needed basis.

Be your litigator and advocate

  • I’m one of a select group of public access barristers authorised to conduct litigation. This means you don’t have to be a litigant in person or a solicitor to work with me. I can carry out all the work a solicitor would do and take responsibility for running your case – with the added value of a barrister’s expertise and trial court skills.
  • The fee for this service includes advice, letters, phone calls, court documents, negotiations with the other side and court room advocacy. While handing everything over for me to do is likely to be more expensive than bringing me in to assist you with pieces of work on an as needed basis – it is, potentially, less than half the price of hiring a full-service solicitor’s firm.

I’m able to take instructions and give advice by telephone and email, which many people find more convenient (and less expensive) than a face to face meeting in your office or my conference room. This means that I can serve clients all over the UK and not just those living in Stoke Newington or the Greater London area.

No matter which option you choose, you control your legal spend.

Prices are discussed once I’ve tailored my services to meet your needs.

All Stoke Newington Chambers direct access clients sign a client care letter and pay the agreed fee before any work is undertaken.

Instructions from solicitors are accepted subject to the Standard Contractual Terms.

I make paying your bill easy and accept bank transfers and all major credit & debit cards.

Litigation clients pay sums on account at agreed times via BARCO which is a third-party secure and insured escrow service.

Legal aid

If you’re eligible for legal aid, it makes sense to get legal advice from a legal aid solicitor.  The best way to find a legal aid solicitor near you is to search the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor page.

Conditional Fees

Conditional fee agreements may be available in limited circumstances. Please contact me for further information.

Pro bono

Pro bono publico means, “for the public good”. I believe in pro bono and I support various pro bono initiatives.  I do not take pro bono cases via this website.