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Papers, please (Magistrates Court Style)

Papers, please (Krakow, 1941)

Defendants in court now must declare their nationality. If a Defendant is a citizen of more than one country, s/he must declare all citizenships held. As of 13 November 2017, “A person commits an offence if, without reasonable excuse, that person fails to comply with such a requirement, whether by providing false or incomplete information… { Read More }

In the frame for Assault Obstruct PC? Read this.

Posted on: December 17th, 2017 | in Advocacy, Criminal law, Direct Access Barristers, DIY Law
In the frame for Assault Obstruct PC? Read this.

I represented a family who were all charged with Assault / Obstruct PC. After engaging in deep legal research and repeated viewing of the police officers’ body worn camera footage – as well as CCTV from the local council, I was able to effectively cross-examine the officers – taking each of their versions apart, brick… { Read More }